I Am Going to America

I have always wanted to travel to America. I don’t want to live there or even go to school there like some of my friends. I am very happy here at home, but that does not mean I would not like to see some of the sights that I have heard about in America. I knew that I would need to find out about a visa once I decided to just do it, so I did some research to see what all was needed. That is how I found out about ESTA USA.

An ESTA is simply a Visa Waiver Program that allows people like me to visit America. I don’t have to go through anything complicated since I just want to stay for a week or so at the most. Anyone who gets an ESTA Visa is allowed to stay up to 90 days. While I would love to stay that long and look at everything that I could possibly want, I just cannot afford it. What I can afford is to take a flight there, stay in a modestly priced hotel for about a week, and take in some of the sights.

It is actually a lot easier and a lot quicker than what I realized it would be. It took me mere minutes to fill out the application, and I was able to pay for it with my credit card. All of this was done online, so I didn’t even have to go anywhere and wait in long lines to do something that I handled from the comfort of my own home. I received my approval just a couple of days later via email. The entire process was a lot quicker than I imagined it would be, and I am so looking forward to leaving on my trip in just a few days.

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