A thousand things to see and do in Sydney

Australia is a distant country in the southern hemisphere that has a unique nature and interesting cities such as Sydney, famous for its Opera House, an image we all know. Today we will see what other sites to visit in this beautiful city.

Accommodation and Tourism

Sydney has a high quantity of hotels, lodges, and hotels to suit all budgets.

Being a relatively young city has great historical monuments in general, but it has a superb location on the Pacific coast, an interesting range of museums and cultural life pleasant.

Nature only

We can visit the Aquarium that recreates the rivers and oceans of Australia. Another visit we should not forget if the weather is good is Bondi Beach, a well known where it is possible to see whales, dolphins and even sharks and blue penguins. And if we love nothing better than visiting Taronga Zoo where you will find many native species such as koalas, one of the national symbols of Australia animals.

Art and culture in Sydney

If we look nothing like the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Powerhouse Museum and the Art Museum of Sydney.

We can not stop going to the Opera House, the most famous of the city and is considered one of the most important architectural works of the twentieth century and is a World Heritage Site.

You can also visit houses and colonial mansions like the House or the Vaucluse Elizabeth Bay House and the Cathedral of Santa Maria, Gothic.


As for parks stands Centennial Park, where you can even take a ride. Chinese Friendship Garden is a traditional Chinese garden where you can enjoy forests, waterfalls, lakes, and pavilions. The Royal Botanic Gardens, in turn, is one of the major green spaces in the city, an ideal place for a picnic. We may also go to Sydney Observatory in operation since 1790.

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